Impact Mitigation

Reduce vulnerability, empower ourselves and encourage positive change

In order to effectively deal and cope with HIV effects including stigma and discrimination, self-esteem and other socio-economic consequences, RRP+ become a network for PLHIV to gain the ability to improve their economic and social status through improved psychosocial support, entrepreneurial skills, and various trainings to improve their health and lives. For instance, by supporting PLHIV to become economically empowered helps to ensure ability to meet basic needs of housing, clothing and nutrition which intern helps to reduce stigma and reduce new infection by promoting positive prevention.

The RRP+ congratulated the successes of the Government of Rwanda as far as human rights of people infected and affected by HIV is concerned. However, there are some gaps to close with respect to full implementation of the human rights agenda. Among these is the need to ensure that all PLHIV know their rights and where to seek redress when rights are violated. Stigma must be reduced, including stigma at the family, community, health facility and administrative levels.

RRP+ continues capacity building on Rights Based Approach and advocacy to translate key policies into actions to ensure remaining barriers is removed thought below activities:

  • Empowerment of the socio-economic status of PLHIV enrolled in RRP+ organizations by Promote income generating activities of PLHIV, Support members in vocational training for job creation, Training of member associations on leadership and managerial skills
  • Advocate for increased respect of rights of HIV infected and affected people and supports them to claim these rights toward zero stigma and discrimination.