HIV Care and Treatment

If HIV positive, link with Care and Treatment services; if linked, improve adherence to achieve Viral Suppression

In order to save and improve both health and lives of PLHIV, care and treatment services are for great importance. Adequate care and treatment considerably reduces the HIV transmission, morbidity and mortality among PLHIV. Proper care and treatment helps those living with HIV to stay healthy, live longer and reduces the risk of transmission to other people.

Therefore, RRP+ make its contribution to make sure that all PLHIV including marginalized and hard to reach populations are linked to and retained in HIV care and treatment services.

Above all, RRP+ through community-based peer education approach ensures all PLHIV on ART are suppression the viral load up to undetectable level through below activities:

  • Linkage, adherence and retention in HIV care and treatment through community-based peer education approach
  • Psycho-social support through support groups
  • Support in the management of HIV comorbidities and co-infections which is highly needed among PLHIV given their immune-deficiency
  • Support the implementation of Fast Track City, given that HIV epidemic is mostly concentrated in urban areas.