Board of Directors of Rwanda Network of People living with HIV: we should be self-empowered rather than depending on sponsors

On the 30th of March, a General Assembly was held in order to present the newly elected RRP+ representatives at District and National level to the members of RRP+.

MUNEZA Sylvie who was again elected to be the Chairperson of RRP+ for the next 5 years presented her mission for People Living with HIV (PLHIV) during the new mandate to the board of directors: “Within this new mandate we are going to empower ourselves to make sure we depend less on our partners. We have bought a plot of land in Nyagasambu, where we will build a house. By renting (part of) the house we will generate income, which will help us to increase financial independence from donors.Having our own house will also reduce expenditures of renting a place for meetings like the General Assembly. The money we safe like this can be used for activities for our members.”

She added that RRP+ is going to encourage members living with HIV to join cooperatives to reduce auto-stigma and gain self-confidence. This will enable them for example to use the existing Health Facilities in their sectors without fearing stigma and to live a healthylife. MUSINGAKAZI Odette, the RRP+ representative of Nyarugenge district, confirmed the added value of joining associations of PLHIV. Being a member of RRP+ helped her a lot to achieve her goals. She knew that she was HIV+ since 2000 but only in 2015 she joined RRP+. Through a saving group she got money to start a small business, which is now worth more than 3 million RWF.

In the next 5 years, all RRP+ representatives will join forces to achieve these objectives and contribute to towards the goal of ending the HIV epidemic.

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