RRP+ is attending the INTEREST conference held in the convention centre of Kigali from May 29 till June1 that brings different people with different mind-sets, experiences and backgrounds together to discuss how to improve prevention and treatment of HIV. This conference will help Rwandans living with HIV, to build a strong community with PLHIV, physicians, scientist and civil society organizations in other countries around the world, to be united and work hand in hand to find innovative solutions for the management of patients living with HIV.


The INTEREST conference is organized in Rwanda for the first time, as Rwanda now plays an important role in advancing the HIV response on the African continent. Scientists, clinicians, program managers, students and others will be able to get acquainted with the great efforts that the Rwandan Government and civil society organizations like RRP+ have made in new infection and increase adherence and retention of PLHIV in treatment.


During this conference RRP+ will be part of the panel on Thursday afternoon (May 31 at 4.30pm), discussing the political and financial considerations to end HIV in Rwanda. RRP+’s contribution will focus on the role of civil society in taking care of people living with HIV by promoting prevention of HIV transmission, counselling, taking drugs on time and human rights, including efforts to reduce stigma and discrimination against PLHIV and improve their economic well-being through income generating activities in cooperatives.


RRP+ also has an exhibition stand at the Convention Centre, where the results of RRP+’s work are presented and one of its members, the cooperative “Love to help creation”, is exhibiting their handicrafts.