RRP+ is proud to present the results it has achieved from July 2016 till June 2017. Let us highlight just a few results;

Prevention and Care & Treatment

Peer Educators have referred 3689 people for TB testing at Health facilities. 14.934 people received support from PE and improved their adherence to treatment. RRP+ contributes to a better health of PLHIV and to the prevention of new infections, since PLHIV on treatment with good adherence are less likely to transmit HIV than those who are not.

In 2017, RRP+ has started playing a key role in training peer educators and informing PLHIV about the new HIV treatment model called Differentiated Service Delivery Model.

Impact Mitigation

A film about stigma and discrimination experienced by young people living with HIV, member of RRP+, has shown how people have experienced and overcome stigma. The film that is shown in 100 health centers and used as a starting point for discussion with donors and partners working on the HIV response, has inspired PLHIV and others to fight discrimination and respect the rights of PLHIV.

Through improved prevention of HIV and TB, improved access and adherence to HIV and TB treatment and care, by mitigating the socio-economic risks of living with HIV and by advocating for improved respect of the rights of PLHIV, RRP+ has contributed to improve the  well-being of more than 120,000 members and other people living with or affected by HIV.  For more results per intervention area, please click here.