RRP+ is implementing the PEARL program (Peer Educators for Adherence Referral and Linkages) in order to increase the awareness of the community about prevention and treatment of HIV and TB. Peer educators are volunteers living with HIV of associations that are member of RRP+. RRP+ is responsible for training of Peer Educators and supervision of their work, and provides them with the materials necessary to implement their daily activities.

This January 2017, RRP+ will provide new Peer Educators with kits, containing a white coat, pinafore, boots, a bag, umbrella, megaphone and batteries, reference forms, and register and report forms. These materials support Peer Educators in their task to raise awareness about HIV and TB in the community, to refer and accompany people to health facilities for HIV testing and treatment, to give testimonies about their own life to inspire others, to do home visits to follow-up on proper adherence to HIV-treatment and to do TB screening of their peers.

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