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New youth leaders to promote positive living

  The engagement of youth leaders is crucial for ending the HIV epidemic and promoting positive living among People Living with HIV (PLHIV). By the end of last year, 31 new RRP+ district youth representatives were elected and trained in their role as leaders of their generation.  During a 2,5- days workshop in Kigali they [...]

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RRP+ Chairperson: “We should be self-empowered”

Board of Directors of Rwanda Network of People living with HIV: we should be self-empowered rather than depending on sponsors On the 30th of March, a General Assembly was held in order to present the newly elected RRP+ representatives at District and National level to the members of RRP+. MUNEZA Sylvie who was again elected [...]

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Awareness for Zero Discrimination against PLHIV

Stigma and discrimination against PLHIV still exist in private and public spheres and can have a major impact on the well-being of PLHIV! Evidence is provided by the 66 cases of stigma and discrimination, reported by RRP+ members within a timeframe of 3 months. With the support of GIZ, RRP+ organized a press conference on [...]

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Get messages about puberty, sex, HIV and pregnancy on your mobile

Receiving accurate information about puberty, sex, pregnancy, HIV, STIs and pregnancy prevention methods on your mobile phone is now possible thanks to the “Mobile for Reproductive Health (M4RH) Program”. This program was launched by Imbuto Foundation, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, on Saturday October 14 during the special youth Umuganda in Rugerero Sector, [...]

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Reduced funding HIV, TB & Malaria requires out-of-the-box thinking

The Rwandan Government and civil society are facing a significant reduction of funds to fight HIV, Tuberculosis (TB) and Malaria. Scarce resources must be invested in innovative approaches that target the most vulnerable groups. This is one of the recommendations of the “National Networking and Advocacy Meeting”, organized by the Country Coordinating Mechanism of Global [...]

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RRP+ achievements of 2016-2017

RRP+ is proud to present the results it has achieved from July 2016 till June 2017. Let us highlight just a few results; Prevention and Care & Treatment Peer Educators have referred 3689 people for TB testing at Health facilities. 14.934 people received support from PE and improved their adherence to treatment. RRP+ contributes to [...]

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Zero discrimination day

Get up all against stigma associated with HIV and AIDS   Since stigma and discrimination is still one of the biggest problems PLHIV are struggling with, RRP+ has joined the world on the 1st March 2017 to commemorate the international Zero Discrimination Day. The national theme of this year was “Get up all against Stigma [...]

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Distribution of Kits to New Peer Educators in PEARL Program

COMING UP: RRP+ is implementing the PEARL program (Peer Educators for Adherence Referral and Linkages) in order to increase the awareness of the community about prevention and treatment of HIV and TB. Peer educators are volunteers living with HIV of associations that are member of RRP+. RRP+ is responsible for training of Peer Educators and [...]

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