Many of the People Living with HIV(PLHIV) are facing both problems of stigma and discrimination, which can discourage them to fight for their rights and to have visions and ambitions. So, to help overcome those problems, with the support of GIZ; RRP+ is implementing the project called “Fighting Stigma and Discrimination of PLHIV” to help PLHIV carrying on standing up for their rights and exploring their future development.img_1485

Shooting of documentary film of PLHIV

In this context, RRP+ is planning to show a documentary film about how PLHIV have managed to overcome experiences of stigma and discrimination in the past and how they are looking forward now thinking about their sweetest ambitions for their life.centre-dushihoze

Road to better health

RRP+ is calling everyone who wants to fight stigma and discrimination to come and watch that film and learn more about the impact of HIV and stigma on the life of PLHIV. There will be the opportunity to ask questions and discuss directly with the people shown in the movie. We will let you know very soon the exact time and date of the show.

We believe you are going to come and learn, as a good learner is a good decision maker. Having a society without stigma and discrimination means everyone’s rights are respected and everybody, including PLHIV, can live in freedom and unity.